Let us illuminate your home while positively
stimulating your senses.  

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New Body Butters:
Baby Powder, Endless Love,
Jasmine, Lavender, Neutral,
Orange Ginger, Pink
Soy Candles that positively stimulate your five senses to help
maintain the homeostasis of both body and mind. We carry over 28
heavenly scents.
(Container Candles, Tea Lights, & Tarts/Melts)

Soy Body Butter enriched with Pure Soy, Cocoa, Aloe Vera, and
Vitamin E Oils.  Great for dry skin.

Essential Oils un-cut in both designer and traditional fragrances,  
Just a dab will do ya!!
Candles that stink to the end of the wick!!!
Pleasurable Scents

Body Butter
2 oz.  -  $8.00  
Essential Body Oils
1/3 oz.  - $10.00
1 dram - $5.00
Plain Containers               Burn Time
10oz.  -  $14.00               95-100 hrs.
5oz.     -    $9.00               45-50 hrs.